Upcoming Events

PDX cEDH welcomes you to the 2024 Regional Summer Circuit, the qualifier tournaments for the PNW cEDH Finals taking place in September of this year, tickets for those who did not qualify will be available in August.

There will be the glory of being the PNW champion for 2024 alongside 1K in cash for the winner and additional cash prizing for top players.

All events will be topdeck events so performance at these events will be logged in the national leaderboard with a chance at qualifying for the Topdeck Nationals tournament this August.https://topdeck.gg/championship-series-2024/leaderboard

Please register your deck here with your topdeck account along with following the individual stores payment procedures. You are not fully registered until you have done both. Topdeck sign up link coming soon.

Each tournament will have the topdeck regulated 80 min rounds with no turns and set up to prepare you for competing at a national level.
Each event is proxy friendly and feel free to join this discord for any more questions and to connect with the PNW cEDH community.