Alluvion Constellas (Golden) [FAB084] (Promo) Cold Foil

Alluvion Constellas (Golden) [FAB084] (Promo)  Cold Foil

Alluvion Constellas (Golden) [FAB084] (Promo) Cold Foil

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Set: Promo
Finish: Cold Foil - Golden
Type: Equipment
Subtype: Chest
Rarity: Promo
Class: Wizard
The first time Alluvion Constellas prevents arcane damage each turn, if it has less than 4 energy counters, you may put an energy counter on it. Instant — Remove 2 energy counters from Alluvion Constellas: The next staff ability you activate this turn costs RRR less. Arcane Barrier 1(If your hero would be dealt arcane damage, you may pay R to prevent 1 of that damage.)
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